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Healing With Crystals - Zeolites                    Last updated 28/4/06

Since the '60's, the use of Crystals as a tool used for healing purposes, has grown in popularity. A rise in Spiritual Consciousness, particularly in the Light of the Dawn of the New Millennium, is linked to our increasing awareness of the New Age.
But Crystals have been used for healing since before Egyptian times, and it is only with advances in geology and quantum physics that we are beginning to understand the energy and physical properties which have for so long been a magical mystery to us.
We are all made up of the same elements as the earth, and the crystals and minerals that are recycled by Mother Nature, which is why we all recognise within crystals the subtle elements within us all.
Anyone can benefit from healing, if they are open and ready to receive. Complex physical or emotional issues are often best dealt with by a qualified practitioner, whether in crystal or some other therapy, but for general balancing, and opening your own awareness you can easily work on yourself with practice.
By preparing your space, clearing away clutter, perhaps even lighting a candle and playing soft music, you can select a stone suitable for the task in hand. Either consult the properties of each crystal in the lists below, or use your own intuition, and sit quietly, holding the stone. Contemplate the breathe, taking your own awareness into yourself, note any tension, and let it dissolve into the earth and sky. Then let your awareness come to the stone, feel its shape and energy within your hand, and in your body. Let the impressions the stone makes come naturally, and when you feel happy and re balanced, release from the process and allow yourself to centre and come back to your present.
Zeolites - Great absorbers of toxins and cleanser, this group of minerals is essential in any healing or Reiki program.
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Stillbite, USA. A grounding stone, used in the treatment of brain disorders, laryngitis, and loss of taste. Good for detox, and poison removal

One only
Apatite -
Stimulates intellect, enhances results of other crystals, healing, storing information, communication, enhances creativity, awakens finer, inner self Appetite suppressant, all healing. For the first time we offer this very rare clear apatite.
Star Sign(s) - Gemini
Astro Number(s) - 9

One only